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Updated: May 14, 2020

We've seen a lot of furniture come in and out of our doors since 1989...and I mean a looot of furniture. There are plenty of horror stories of installations gone wrong, but those are nightmares that don't have to happen to you. We're here to let you know what you should expect on a typical Installation Day.

Throughout the life of a business, it's important to budget out new furniture–whether it's new side chairs and tables for the clinic lobby, a rewarding dynamic employee lounge, sit-stand desks surrounded by partition panels for uplifted and segmented work spaces or any other of the various and multi-faceted options.

Although nobody's excited to pour funding out for such projects, by employing a well-planned sinking fund it's a much easier, more affordable, and even more pleasant process(so in other words, start a sinking fund today.)

First of all–what exactly is furniture installation?

We define furniture installation as the process that takes place immediately after delivery. Once the furniture arrives, it must be moved to the proper location inside your office or home and adjusted to the precise location. This is also when any final assembling or adjoining will take place, such as attaching a desk return to a desk.

Choosing Your Furniture Installer

The number one variable on installation day is your actual installer. You most likely will be choosing the installer based on where you purchase your furniture, so make sure you know exactly who or which contracted company will be doing the installation so as to be able to research them, ask them questions in regards to their process, and coordinate the best day and time for installation.

You may trust the office furniture supplier pretty well, but that doesn't mean you'll trust who they've chosen to do the heavy lifting, unboxing, and assembling.

Note: Some national stores choose a third-party agency to coordinate with and carry out assembly and installation services with while we at Wilson's choose to direct the whole process ourselves.

Asking For The Details

In efforts to encourage a more seamless Installation Day, it's important to have details spelled out.

The biggest variable that will determine the time spent installing your furniture is whether your furniture comes pre-assembled or unassembled.

Pre-assembled means that either the manufacturer or the furniture supplier has already assembled the furniture pre-installation. This results in less time with a cluttered office full of boxes, furniture being moved through hallways, and displaced employees. Unassembled means that someone, either the installer or you must assemble the furniture before it can be installed.

Note: Wilson's Office Supply's installation process includes assembling the furniture, either at our location before delivery or at our customers' location before or during the installation, but make sure to ask others who you may choose to purchase through–many national suppliers add hefty fees to assembly, decreasing the value of your purchase.

Coordinating Installation Day

Communication is key to any relationship and that doesn't stop short in the coordination of your furniture Installation Day! This is an excitingly special day, after all–you don't make big purchases of room-changing proportions ordinarily, so make sure you are fluidly being communicated with to prepare for the big day.

Once the furniture order has been determined and finalized, you and the installer can determine the best day for the installation to be completed. Typically, this may be affected by furniture shipping and assembly time.

Note: National chain office suppliers often ship the unassembled furniture to you first. The boxes are to be placed in the room(s) where they are to be assembled and installed, which may or may not cause some inconvenience while waiting on the day the third-party assembling company will come to complete the job.

Depending on the type of furniture you are preparing for, make sure you have the office resources to accommodate the move-in on the day you choose. For instance, if you purchased two desks and chairs and want them to be placed in a room for your interns, then it's important to have a room where your interns can work while the installation is taking place. A job such as that would typically take 20 minutes or less if the furniture came assembled pre-installation, but if your furniture is to be assembled on-site then it would take longer.

The end product of an installation should be user-ready!

Assessing The Installation

Once everything is put together and in the locations you agreed on, make sure to take note of any concerns you have such as dings or scratches to report to the installers. While you're at it, it's not a bad idea to gently push against some furniture that's been assembled to make sure it's secure before the installer leaves. The chairs should be sturdy, desks should be solid, and partitions structurally sound.

You should be able to expect great quality out of the purchase you made, so it's important to feel comfortable enough with your furniture supplier/installer to be able to convey your concerns. If they value you as a customer, then they will do their best to remedy and resolve those concerns.

That's pretty much it! Be sure to choose the right supplier to coordinate and communicate with to make sure Installation Day is a smashing hit and you and your team enjoy your new furniture as much as possible!

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Updated: May 14, 2020

If you have a favorite pen, then you are likely an #officesupply geek–unashamedly, like myself (#LetTheHatersHate).

UPDATE // Video of my review can be found at the bottom of this blog in case you'd like to see the B2P in action 😬

The B2P, by Pilot is my current favorite and has been for probably 3 or 4 months now. Back up–Pilot's G2 line has swept the office world with it's quality and value, and it's safe to say you've used them before for everything from jotting down your grocery list to signing important paperwork. The G2's quality and smooth ink release are enough to ignite everyday mundane tasks as well as satisfy the most picky ink knit pickers.

That being said–here's my personal review of Pilot's B2P.

Why I began using the B2P

I can't pinpoint exactly when or why I decided to start using it, but it was around 3 or 4 months ago and they were hanging around the office–like, I literally found a box of them somewhere and asked if I could use them. (Being an office supplier has it's obvious perks for office supply geeks, for sure.)

The unique blue, wavy designs around it piqued my interest at first and after putting it to the paper, it was over.

Fluidity | 😍

I know–"in love" emoji seems a little pushy, a little much perhaps.. It's not.

Unlike many, many other pens I've used, this one is flowing right out of the gate and has yet to "dry spot" on me while writing. I literally got tired of test writing with it without lifting it from the paper to see when it would start dry spotting–never did! This is mostly if not all due to the B2P's use of G2 ink refills. Yep, it's refillable (always a quality mark.)

Feels like you can't run out of ink...

Comfortability | 🙂

Not uncomfortable, the barrel is made of plastic and designed with grooved waves. Though the ones I have have no extra comfort grip built in, the B2P line does have another option with built-in comfort grip. I could see how using the pen to write for longer periods of time could result in the need for some extra grip or texture support since the plastic barrel is pretty smooth–fingers get a little sweaty after a while resulting in barrel sliding (which no, is not a safer alternate tradition at Niagra Falls.)

Quality | 😄

One of the first things I think about when I picture a water bottle is it's flimsy body, crushable by man or mouse. Sturdy and solid–one can see that the B2P is well-built, featuring it's water bottle look but without the water bottle crushability (which is not a word unfortunately and really unnerves me seeing spellcheck underline it in red, but I really think it should be a word.) It's a very thick plastic. The clip on it concerns me some as far as durability for the long-haul goes. It does the job well, but there's always concern for plastic clips. Always...On the flip side–the click spring is ex–cep–tion–al. The tension is pretty high so you get a nice, firm "click".

Design | 😁

The unique and obvious water bottle design permeates the environmental impact message Pilot wants to get across. Made with 86% recycled content (including yes, plastic bottles), one can feel better with every press onto the page knowing that you're doing some part in positive environmental impact. Come for the impact, stay for the flawless fluidity.

These pens come in 0.7mm Blue, Black, and Red, as well as an assorted pack of Purple, Turquoise, Green, Lime, and Pink so your office bases are covered and the comfort grip option is a medium point (1.0mm).

Overall | 😄

I obviously am extremely happy with this pen, having used the B2P for quite a few weeks now. I use other pens as well, but this is the one I'm looking and reaching for. It's appealing in style, visually pleasing. Aesthetics is not where the bullet points stop, though. I really appreciate the fact that this pen is so smooth-flowing and hasn't dry spotted yet. In a world full of pens hanging around your workspace, a non-stopping hard-working and visually appealing pen stands out.

Thanks for reading ☕️ Leave me a comment to chew on or a review request!

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🎤 Want to keep it lean, clean, and make more green? Follow along as we unfold a scene–

A scenario of business that's figured it out. Yours can too, trust the process–don't doubt.

There are many ways to conduct your business, but there are only a few which lead to it's fitness.

This model we're about to display is one in which you'll want to ponder today.

Do you desire your company's success? Of course you do–now we've got things to address.

Like–is your business a turtle or like that of a rabbit's? Let's go over the following effective habits.

Expressing you (your character, vision, etc.) through your brand brings life to your business!

Now these aren't comprehensively listed

But if you start them too, then they're sure to've assisted

Habit One is not necessarily flashy or new,

But it is simply to keep the brand–you.

"You", the owner bore your company's vision and the ones who patronize you are joined in your mission. Remember all the reasons that they choose you; not for what you say–it's for the things that you do!

From your smile and your style, to your products they buy. Do more of the things on which they now rely

Personalized touch and remaining a human is essential for people AND businesses, too man!

"People buy from people," of course you know–so keep your brand personable and you're good to go.

You can't fake your own self, so why even try? The consumers are real and real's what they'll buy.

The Second Habit is to not stretch yourself out. Too thin and we'll wonder what you're even about!

Not honing the service or products in your own lane beckons the risk of becoming insane.

Dig a well wide enough, and it becomes a ditch. Avoid this scenario by defining your niche.

Aim to become your market's "go-to" by perfecting all the things you say you do.

Once you excel at the craft of your brand–then you can perhaps stretch out your land.

To offer complimentary accessory things is advisable. Just don't stretch so far you're unrecognizable.

Digging a ditch is great if that's your goal–not so much if you were wanting a well.

Lastly, follow this Habit Number Three–to stay as efficient as you can possibly be!

To maintain healthy spending budget all the things; forgo flashy tech, invest in your marketing.

Spend money to make money? Perhaps it's so. But if it's not spent thoughtfully, then away it will go,

never to return again to your hand–what could've been diamonds will merely be sand.

Again, don't spread yourself too far out, don't hire until there's plenty of money about,

Work as hard as you can with as little as you can, don't lean into loans, leave them out of your plan!

That's all for now, just try these tips out!

Leave comments below of your own successful route :)

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