Building Our New Retail Environment

Updated: May 14, 2020

Our Storage/Retail Towers consist of roughly 30 pallets!

Though we've entirely remade our original office into Huntsville's new, one-and-only Lorell #Furniture Showroom, we haven't talked as much about what we did with the other half of our building–our unique Retail Environment!


Take a walk through to the end of the showroom and you'll notice a second room peeking through the double-door sized entry way, which is comprised of a few private offices, an open office, a work area where orders are filled every morning, and a lobby retail environment.


Our inspiration for what is now our Retail Wall Environment was captured from something we see on a daily basis around here–pallets!

Yes, pallets have been a fad amongst the #DIY community for a few years now because of their economic attributes, but it made sense for us to take advantage of the reusability elements of these sturdy structures for two reasons:

1. We move through a LOT of pallets

2. We wanted a unique way to showcase the products we love!

We also relied on Pinterest–a simple search of "Retail Pallet Display" was good enough to spark a creative direction.


By deciding to use a square object like a pallet, we decided to create a simple cube structure. Two cubes are connected vertically forming one Stock Tower, with a total of four towers. Each of them have 3 stock shelves and locking wheels (because basically everything is better with wheels).

The shelving on the backside that faces our work area are perfect to store larger stock items like bulk multi-fold towels, storage boxes, and trash can liners (things customers wouldn't see) which we pull from on a daily basis.

We can quickly pull items from the shelves for orders from the previous day.


The front-facing of the towers (or Retail Wall) was made from two pallets vertically placed upon another. The slats in a pallet were naturally spaced too widely for our project so there was a lot of wood cutting going on for a couple of weeks. We had our work, ahem... cut out for us. (I didn't even mean to do that.)

Very rough draft laying out a potential design.

These are the main tools we used for the project:

• Jigsaw – For cutting out the correctly sized boards

• Reciprocating Saw – To disassemble the tightly nailed pallets

The side posts of each tower consisted of two to three 2x4s derived from the sides of pallets and a few boards running perpendicularly to frame it up. We covered the entire sides of the outlying towers with thin large boards (also derived from pallets) instead of showing an open frame which was less appealing.

After assembling the first tower (and listening to what most people may consider an unhealthy amount of traditional Christmas music) we threw a coat of paint on it to see what a finished one looked like, and... we were very pleased!

Tweaking the design along the way caused the first tower to take longer than the rest, but it was well worth it. All-in-all the project took about 4 weeks to complete.


We drew up a plan for the shelves which was minimalistic and asymmetrical to draw in customers to a unique experience. Afterwards, we made a quick trip to Home Depot for the white shelving to give the products a clean, complementary surface to rest upon.

Placing our products and final touches really made the project come to life!

Come say hello, see it in person and let us know what you think!

Have you completed some renovations with your office space?

Log in to comment and share them with us below.

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