Is Paper Better Than Digital Documents?

Updated: May 14, 2020

In the Age of Digital, why would we ever go back to use a notebook, steno pad, or journal?

Here are some strong Pros for using Digital paper.

The Cloud


For starters, using the Cloud enables you to sync all of your information across your devices.

When you can type something out on one piece of digital paper and automatically pull it up on another device or send it to the printer with a couple taps on your phone–That’s HUGE. It screams of being efficient and immediately helpful.

What is the Cloud?

The cloud is similar to the term “internet”, but really it is the software or services that can be accessed and used via the internet rather than a standalone piece of software.

For instance, Google Docs is a cloud-based word processor offered by Google. You can type out and save a document using Google Docs without taking up that storage space on your own computer.

What’s more is that you have the ability to access that saved document anywhere you can access Google Docs, such as your smart phone, work computer, home laptop, smart tablet, and the list goes on and will likely be added to in the future.

What’s even MORE is that you can share that document to another co-worker for them to read over, edit, add comments to or share for their self all in real-time.

Without the Cloud

In contrast, in a non cloud-based word processor you would save that document to your computer’s storage. This would put some speed bumps in you and your co-worker’s neighborhood when you want to share that document quickly.

Instead of the recipient getting the document right away, you would save it in a format which the recipient can open, attach it in an email, send it, and wait for them to receive it.

From there, they could edit and comment but then they’ll need to email your edited document back to you, and you can begin to see how a cloud-based system works more seamlessly and efficiently.

Error Protection

Using digital paper helps create little receipts of everything you’ve done. So, when you are finished with the draft of a proposal and forward it (or if you’re using the Cloud–share it) with a co-worker to proofread, you won’t be in the wrong if you’re told that it never happened, because you have a proof of delivery or acceptance of a shared file right there.

You can go back and show where the email was sent or the Share request was sent. If you used physical paper, well–we all know it could get lost or damaged or never even make it