Preparing for Furniture Installation Day

Updated: May 14, 2020

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We've seen a lot of furniture come in and out of our doors since 1989...and I mean a looot of furniture. There are plenty of horror stories of installations gone wrong, but those are nightmares that don't have to happen to you. We're here to let you know what you should expect on a typical Installation Day.

Throughout the life of a business, it's important to budget out new furniture–whether it's new side chairs and tables for the clinic lobby, a rewarding dynamic employee lounge, sit-stand desks surrounded by partition panels for uplifted and segmented work spaces or any other of the various and multi-faceted options.

Although nobody's excited to pour funding out for such projects, by employing a well-planned sinking fund it's a much easier, more affordable, and even more pleasant process(so in other words, start a sinking fund today.)

First of all–what exactly is furniture installation?

We define furniture installation as the process that takes place immediately after delivery. Once the furniture arrives, it must be moved to the proper location inside your office or home and adjusted to the precise location. This is also when any final assembling or adjoining will take place, such as attaching a desk return to a desk.

Choosing Your Furniture Installer

The number one variable on installation day is your actual installer. You most likely will be choosing the installer based on where you purchase your furniture, so make sure you know exactly who or which contracted company will be doing the installation so as to be able to research them, ask them questions in regards to their process, and coordinate the best day and time for installation.

You may trust the office furniture supplier pretty well, but that doesn't mean you'll trust who they've chosen to do the heavy lifting, unboxing, and assembling.

Note: Some national stores choose a third-party agency to coordinate with and carry out assembly and installation services with while we at Wilson's choose to direct the whole process ourselves.

Asking For The Details

In efforts to encourage a more seamless Installation Day, it's important to have details spelled out.

The biggest variable that will determine the time spent installing your furniture is whether your furniture comes pre-assembled or unassembled.

Pre-assembled means that either the manufacturer or the furniture supplier has already assembled the furniture pre-installation. This results in less time with a cluttered office full of boxes, furniture being moved through hallways, and displaced employees. Unassembled means that someone, either the installer or you must assemble the furniture before it can be installed.

Note: Wilson's Office Supply's installation process includes assembling the furniture, either at our location before delivery or at our customers' location before or during the installation, but make sure to ask others who you may choose to purchase through–many national suppliers add hefty fees to assembly, decreasing the value of your purchase.

Coordinating Installation Day

Communication is key to any relationship and that doesn't stop short in the coordination of your furniture Installation Day! This is an excitingly special day, after all–you don't make big purchases of room-changing proportions ordinarily, so make sure you are fluidly being communicated with to prepare for the big day.

Once the furniture order has been determined and finalized, you and the installer can determine the best day for the installation to be completed. Typically, this may be affected by furniture shipping and assembly time.

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