• Ryan

Review | Pilot B2P

Updated: May 14, 2020

If you have a favorite pen, then you are likely an #officesupply geek–unashamedly, like myself (#LetTheHatersHate).

UPDATE // Video of my review can be found at the bottom of this blog in case you'd like to see the B2P in action 😬

The B2P, by Pilot is my current favorite and has been for probably 3 or 4 months now. Back up–Pilot's G2 line has swept the office world with it's quality and value, and it's safe to say you've used them before for everything from jotting down your grocery list to signing important paperwork. The G2's quality and smooth ink release are enough to ignite everyday mundane tasks as well as satisfy the most picky ink knit pickers.

That being said–here's my personal review of Pilot's B2P.

Why I began using the B2P

I can't pinpoint exactly when or why I decided to start using it, but it was around 3 or 4 months ago and they were hanging around the office–like, I literally found a box of them somewhere and asked if I could use them. (Being an office supplier has it's obvious perks for office supply geeks, for sure.)

The unique blue, wavy designs around it piqued my interest at first and after putting it to the paper, it was over.

Fluidity | 😍

I know–"in love" emoji seems a little pushy, a little much perhaps.. It's not.

Unlike many, many other pens I've used, this one is flowing right out of the gate and has yet to "dry spot" on me while writing. I literally got tired of test writing with it without lifting it from the paper to see when it would start dry spotting–never did! This is mostly if not all due to the B2P's use of G2 ink refills. Yep, it's refillable (always a quality mark.)

Feels like you can't run out of ink...

Comfortability | 🙂

Not uncomfortable, the barrel is made of plastic and designed with grooved waves. Though the ones I have have no extra comfort grip built in, the B2P line does have another option with built-in comfort grip. I could see how using the pen to write for longer periods of time could result in the need for some extra grip or texture support since the plastic barrel is pretty smooth–fingers get a little sweaty after a while resulting in barrel sliding (which no, is not a safer alternate tradition at Niagra Falls.)

Quality | 😄

One of the first things I think about when I picture a water bottle is it's flimsy body, crushable by man or mouse. Sturdy and solid–one can see that the B2P is well-built, featuring it's water bottle look but without the water bottle crushability (which is not a word unfortunately and really unnerves me seeing spellcheck underline it in red, but I really think it should be a word.) It's a very thick plastic. The clip on it concerns me some as far as durability for the long-haul goes. It does the job well, but there's always concern for plastic clips. Always...On the flip side–the click spring is ex–cep–tion–al. The tension is pretty high so you get a nice, firm "click".

Design | 😁

The unique and obvious water bottle design permeates the environmental impact message Pilot wants to get across. Made with 86% recycled content (including yes, plastic bottles), one can feel better with every press onto the page knowing that you're doing some part in positive environmental impact. Come for the impact, stay for the flawless fluidity.