• Ryan

Sanitize Your Entryway Easily

Nearly every business and home in the world is fighting a virtually invisible war against germs. The recent coronavirus pandemic has companies grasping for solutions to keep their doors open, while those at home try to fend off sickening and sometimes deadly germs brought in from the outside world.

We have gotten calls from customers in need of sanitizing options in order for them to keep their business from shutting down. Many traditional options are simply not available as brands have been committing their products to the frontline healthcare workers and other similar essential businesses. Household names like Lysol and Purell are nearly impossible to come by.

Thankfully, there are other methods to sanitize just as well.

Using only household cleaners you can keep your entryways (as well as other hard surfaces) sanitized and wage war with Covid-19.

Prior to sanitizing, be sure to read over and follow the guidelines set by the CDC and FDA. Important critical information and updates that can help you figure out what to use and not use can be found on their sites.

Secondly, put on gloves to keep your hands as germ-free as possible. Gloves can act as a barrier to viruses and other infecting germs living on hard or soft surfaces. However, be mindful not to touch your face while you have them on. Just because you're wearing gloves doesn't mean germs aren't collecting on them–they're just creating that barrier!

Third, wash the area with soap and water as to clean dirt and other debris. Wipe it down with paper towels to make things dry for the following steps.

Fouth, find liquid (gel-based will not work as well) hand sanitizer with at least 70 percent alcohol per volume. (If you're having trouble finding some, click here to see if we have any available.)

Fifth, use a spray bottle you have around the house to dispense the hand sanitizer into. This bottle should be cleaned out and free of other liquids. We found a Windex spray bottle in the bathroom and poured the rest of the contents into other containers temporarily.

Sixth, spray down hard surfaces such as doorknobs and door pull and push bars–you know, the areas where everyone touches to get in and out. Resist your urge to wipe it dry! Sanitizers need to stay on the surface in order to do their job. Never dry!

Finally, check to make sure all of the surface has been covered, dispose of your gloves, and wash your hands thoroughly.

Get creative and stay healthy! We're here to support you, neighbor.