Spend Less + Organize More (With Labels)

In this era of staying home we are geared towards improving our home life more, too. If we're going to be home, then we might as well keep things as sane as possible by curating a personal work space, staying organized, and having plenty of snacks, right?

Today we have a simple yet effective little solution for your organizational efforts at home or at work–labels.

It may sound simple and you may want to gloss over this little tip, but it could save you quite a bit of sanity and money! We've seen it implemented on one of our favorite organizing shows, "The Home Edit". Take it from them–it works.

Labels will go on any storage bin, bucket, bottle, box, or can that you've organized into a space that contains a specific item category, such as: "Pens", "White Rice", "Cotton Swabs", "Yard Sale Items", "Candy", etc. You can literally label everything you want. Okay, maybe leave the cats alone. But everything else–yes.

Here's what to do to easily and quickly create a more organized working space at home or at work for cheap.

Make your own labels using a legal pad.

Make labels.

Yeah, just make your own labels. You can be as creative as you want to be! For instance, use tape and cut slits of paper with hand-written category names on them. Use markers, glue, glitter, craft paper, or whatever else you can think of or get your hands on to make your labels something you love to look at and inspire organization.

Buy precut sticky labels (address labels).

Use stick-on labels like these for a more uniform and neat look.

Those are especially good when you want to cut down on the time spent on this project. Get free templates here, type the names of the labels you want printed, and voila–DONE.

Or, to create a more personalized, fun look, use a marker and write out your categories yourself.

Purchase printed labels.

You can shop for labels already made for your organizing project, as well. Simply purchase the labels corresponding to ones you actually need and stick away! There's basically no work involved with this step at all, so it would be the least amount of time spent on your organizing project.

The great thing about labeling all of your areas you'd like to keep organized is that you won't go insane looking for a pen, staples, hair pins, spare change, and more when you really need them.

Additionally, losing those items somewhere prompts us to either begin the longest game of "hide and seek" or make additional purchases of those items. In this all too familiar scenario you're saving time and money all while limiting waste. Go you!

Already have your space organized and labeled? Let us know how much time and sanity you saved by doing this simple project.

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