The Actual Cost of a New Desk

Updated: May 24, 2019

You've decided. It's done–you're done. You are due for a replacement to the old, not-so-reliable-anymore scrap of wood panels you used to call a desk.

A desk similar to that which I used to work. Estimated manufacture date–Right after trees were made.

I've been there and know the deal–parts of particle board are randomly found on the floor where screws used to hold fast. There's a remarkable 'wobble' whenever you move your hands across the surface.

In fact, you wouldn't mind if an extremely isolated tornado came (while no one was there, of course) and swept up the crate that your co-workers often wept over in your honor.

The decision is simple, and hopefully you have your sinking fund in place so your budget doesn't even break a sweat.

But the decision obviously invokes the next–what will I do about a new desk?

Ahhh...Here's where big thinking needs to come in to play to get the most bang for your buck.

Costs Incurred to the Furniture Dealer

Who else has a hankering to watch Over The Top right this very moment?

As you begin to check your local furniture showroom know that the final cost of that desk is determined by a couple things. The furniture dealer you purchase it from will influence the cost a little (obviously they have to make something from the sale), but there are many other moving parts that affect the cost before it gets to your office.

The main factors which influence the cost to the dealer:

• Where the furniture is manufactured (domestic versus foreign)

• Shipping charges to the dealer

• Quantities of that desk ordered per shipment (usually a cost advantage to dealers ordering several versus one of something)

• Whether the desk comes pre-assembled or flat-boxed

All of those charges are ones incurred by the dealer themselves (not you), so that's nothing much to consider when searching for the best priced desk–simply some helpful knowledge about the costs involved.

Costs Incurred to the Consumer

Before you think, "Well this one's easy–whatever the dealer wants to charge as their profit."–it's not completely accurate. While that's not necessarily wrong–even more factors come into play.

Here are the major costs incurred to you–the consumer:

Sales Tax

Assembly; national office supply stores will likely charge $80 to $200 depending on the cost of the desk. More complex desks or ones which are in many, many pieces can take up to 6 hours to assemble if you're not used to the process. Remember to factor the time into the cost.

Delivery; depending on the furniture dealer, you may very well be passed a delivery charge. Alternatively, you could haul it yourself, but to some this is even more costly in effort (desks are heavy, people), transportation arrangements, and time.

Installation; differing from 'assembly', installation refers to getting the desk set up in the building and room it will be used. This is also where any final assembling will take place, such as attaching a desk return to a desk. [Side note: the desk return is the part that makes an L-shaped desk setup an 'L' shape.] Installation will usually not cost any more than the assembly charges, but what it WILL cost is more time. National office supply stores have to schedule out installations which may be two weeks from when you purchase it (maybe even longer), plus this also may be contracted through another agency which may add more of a hassle factor.

I know this picture is a little fuzzy, but hey–it was a long day of installations (phew!)

So hopefully some good questions to ask your furniture supplier can be mined out of this information when searching for a desk and figuring the cost going into it!

Stay informed when shopping for your office to keep your budget lean and keep more green.

And if you shop for furniture in Huntsville or anywhere near it, check out our local showroom and online store for good prices on many great collections.

And often the turnaround time from purchase to installation is only one day.

With no assembly, delivery, or installation charges we work to keep the hassle low to make you happy with your desk decisions.

After all, we personally know how amazing it is to get to ditch the old pile of wood masquerading as a desk and get a new one to work on, and we want our customers to have the same experience.

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