The Time It Takes To Get Your Desk

Updated: May 14, 2020

In a recent post I discussed the cost factored into the price you pay for furniture like desks. In this post we'll talk more about how long desk assembly and installation will take, including a few tips to do it right and as quick as possible. After all, you want that desk set up so you can get back to work ASAP, right?

Unboxing (5-10 Minutes)

Before you can begin the mechanical process of pulling your desk panels together, you've got to get it out of the box! Expect a good bit of styrofoam or supportive wood keeping all of the pieces in place during shipment, and make sure to only cut along taped paths on the outside of the cardboard box unless otherwise noted. (You'd hate to accidentally slice into that sweet hickory-colored panel!)

Reading Instruction Manual (2-5 Minutes)

Taking this piece of literature aside and combing over it may seem unnecessary at the time, but trust us–attempting to put a piece of furniture together you've never assembled before only to realize that you've done something critically wrong halfway through the process is MUCH more of a hassle.

You'll be glad you set aside those measly few minutes to read over the desk's instruction manual.

Setting Out Parts (2 Minutes)

In the culinary world, this is referred to as 'Mise en Place', or 'everything in it's place.' Setting all of the pieces of your desk aside and collected in an organized fashion, including screws, cams, and cam covers, will empower your process of assembly. There's something about having an organized area. This also gives you the opportunity to take stock of everything included in the box, making sure nothing is missing.

Assembly (30 Minutes-6 Hours)

We've had tough desks to assemble–some of them come completely undone, with needs that span assembly of the very drawers that line the pedestal area to the constructing of leg frames, bridges, keyboard trays, and everything in between. And if you purchased a desk with a hutch, go ahead and tack on another 2 hours for door adjustments.

Some desks aren't as big of a hassle and can be assembled in much less time–those are usually ones which are merely a top with two sides and a modesty panel–but make sure to allow more time for projects that are complex.

Installation (15-60 Minutes)

After the majority of assembly is complete, it's time to get that furniture into place! Hopefully you were able to assemble it in the room where it will already be used, leaving this step that much easier.

Hutch assembly
Warning: Hutches may wear down your ability to process thought.

However, if you needed a large space to assemble the desk other than where it will be used, then grab a helper to carefully move your desk into the right room and arrange all cords and other furniture accordingly. In this step you'll be connecting any additional pieces to your desk, as well, such as an L-shaped Desk Return.

If you choose Wilson's, then we will assemble and install your furniture fast and free–so keep that in mind when searching for the right desk for you or your office.