What If I Can't Find Aerosol Sanitizer Spray?

During the course of our coronavirus-fueled 2020 pandemic, we've found that aerosol spray (made famous by Lysol) has been one of the biggest sought-after products–perhaps because of it's scarcity. Before we address the question of what we would do if we can't find the disinfectant spray, let's answer a few preliminary basic questions regarding the spray itself.

What Is Sanitizer Spray?

Sanitizer spray is used to disinfect unsanitary surfaces–most notably surfaces which are high contact, such as a door knob, counter area, restroom touch points, etc. The sanitizing compound is usually expelled through either an aerosol mist via a nozzle or a spritz via a trigger. Sanitizer sprays are popular choices to easily and quickly disinfect high traffic areas.

Do You Have To Wipe Off Lysol?

No. After pre-cleaning the surface, you will layer on the spray of disinfectant and let it air dry. Easy peasy.

How Can You Get Lysol Spray?

Regarding where to purchase Lysol or any other brand or non-branded disinfectant spray, you'll want do some online retail searching. (Search here first with yours truly to see if we have any in stock since we deliver for free in our service area.) After that, consider other local retailers who have a pickup or curbside option.

If you can't find a local retailer to supply you with disinfectant spray, then search a reputable online retailer such as Walmart or Amazon–(disclaimer: you may expect to pay shipping prices, as well as possible shipping delays.)

Perfect segue into our main topic–What if I can't find disinfectant spray anywhere? Thankfully, there are currently numerous alternative options available at your fingertips.

Disinfecting wipes are great for quick-clean emergencies.

Sanitizing Wipes

For personal or at-home use, try using alcohol-based wipes to disinfect germ covered areas. Sanitizing wipes have become more plentiful as the year's progressed and manufacturers have adapted their models and supplies to this new PPE economy.

Simply use a wipe like you would use disinfectant spray. Instead of spraying or squeezing, you will be wiping a high contact area down after pre-cleaning the surface. Do no wipe the surface dry, but instead let it air dry to take it's full effect.

Disinfect using hand sanitizer + paper towel.

Hand Sanitizer + Dry Wipes Combo

Can't seem to find sanitizing wipes anywhere? Or, perhaps you want to conserve them for a more necessary time? Grab some hand sanitizer from here (if you're looking for a great price and fresh, clean scent), and then combine them with a clean and dry rag or dry wiper cloth and voila!–you've got homemade sanitizing wipes to be used the same way you'd use traditional sanitizing wipes.

It's like playing laser tag but with COVID-19.

Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayers

If you are in need of a much larger application of disinfectant, look into electrostatic disinfectant sprayers. These sprayers are larger than a can of disinfectant yet handheld (one is even applied as a backpack so that you truly get to look like a Ghostbuster catching their nemesis, Slimer!) They run on a battery charge and a chemical compound (hydrogen peroxide-based) so that you can truly cover some square footage.

Sprayers get the big disinfecting jobs done quickly so that you aren't wiping down large rooms all day, every day (or even hiring out to wipe down or sanitize.) Places such as schools, church buildings, or corporate offices benefit greatly from using these time-effective tools. Have a bigger area? You'll want to get the bigger guns–right here.

So, to sum up–if you can't get ahold of Lysol or other disinfectant sprays or aerosols that are deeply sought after, remember that there are other options available to you. When COVID-19 hit, all of these items seemed to get bought up, leaving some retail shelves bare. Now that the economy has adapted we are well capable of fending off germs again.

Got questions? Leave your feedback in the comments or feel free to send an email.

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