Can Bleach Kill The Coronavirus?

If you're looking to sanitize your shop or business during this COVID-19 pandemic, you may find yourself without traditional options.

And, with some retail and other establishments looking to re-open in the near future, more and more are looking for resources on how to kill the coronavirus effectively while maintaining their business.

Simple ingredients such as Rubbing Alcohol, which is a great coronavirus killer, are extremely hard to find in the stores as many have procurred them as one of the key ingredients in producing hand sanitizer.

Thankfully, Isopropyl Alcohol and Ethanol aren't the only chemicals that can keep our workplace and home sanitary!

Once you begin probing around the CDC and FDA websites, you'll discover different ways to creatively sanitize your environment.

One item you may even have in the garage or cleaning closet is good, old, reliable household bleach. If you find you're out of bleach, you may find it