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"Our rule is simple: treat our customer how we would want to be treated if we needed to order supplies from us." 

Whether you order online or by phone, fax, or email–you can expect the same result from our team–appreciation. We are so pleased to serve you and help play a part in your company's success by offering aggressively priced products and speedy service. 

Keeping our logistics solid is key in serving you.  From carefully choosing efficient product distributors and planning out the most economical and timely routes for drivers to staying informed on industry standards and product information, we take our job seriously, knowing it directly affects yours.

Our delivery team is resolved to assist with office supply issues as best as we can, as well.  If you need copy paper in specific locations throughout your office, for instance, we are happy to accommodate (paper can be quite heavy, and we do have hand trucks, after all!)


Your filing cabinet is jammed or needs new keys? Holler at us.

Need a desk assembled and installed? We do that for free.

Have a question about ink cartridges? We know them well.

Need deliveries to different departments? We're already there.

Need 30 desks and chairs assembled and installed? Still free.

Our logistic solutions are designed to keep your office running smoothly and as seamlessly as possible, from  quick email replies on last minute order fixes to free next-day deliveries.

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