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It started in 1989, when Richard Wilson decided to start up a little company in Huntsville, Alabama on Max Luther Drive.  He had just left a sales job at an office supplier and wanted to begin his own, having completed college and ready to serve his community.  

He forged relationships with clients and with many people across the Tennessee Valley, and that becomes evident if you go anywhere with him. You'll likely be stopping a few times along the way as he stops and talks with fellow - Huntsvillians. 

Since '89 he has taken to serving in many facets, including being the Head Tennis Coach at Lee High School, and is the current Kickers Coach at Alabama A&M University.  Richard has a heart for the youth in this city and remains engaged to serve Huntsville. 

Though more than 20 years have passed, it remains his ambition for Wilson's Office Supply to provide the best service we can, including competitive pricing and friendly interactions with every customer.


Wilson's is composed of a strong band of employees, teaming up with Richard in an attempt to make a big impact in North Alabama. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to pursue the success of our clients with unmatched personal, local service–coupled with our desire to create the best customer relationship possible, are key in portraying Richard's passion for the business community.  

When it boils down to it we would expect at least these elements from an office supplier:

  • Lots of cost-effective choices to choose from

  • One day, free shipping

  • Friendly, personable, and knowledgeable staff

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