How Much Workspace Do I Need?

When it comes to our workspace needs, how much is enough? A laptop on a couch? Desk and computer? An entire office? A smartphone?

First off, let's define "workspace".

The term is used across many platforms of industry with similar but different meanings.

In our context, "workspace" refers to the area you perform your work–i.e. your desk, your office, your co-working area.

With this definition, workspace can refer to the actual surface area of our desk, as well as the entire room or rooms wherein we do particular tasks.

Before we begin, we'll need to assess our personal needs.

When taking into consideration things like, "How big of a desk do I need?" or "How much space do I need to do a particular job?" it is fundamental to discover your best personal working environment, and then work to achieve the most possible version of that since our workspace heavily factors into it.

So, how can we determine the amount of workspace we need?

We'll break it down into two categories.

The Workspace We Share

Once you've determined your ideal and most productive work environment, find the amount of workspace you need by paying attention to your brain's response to external stimuli.

Are you easily distracted by audial or visual environments outside of your workspace?

Then, you will want to consider a more isolated workspace for yourself, which could mean a few different options depending on the availability of office space you have.

If it's severely limited–a pair of noise-cancelling earbuds, headphones or earplugs go a long way.