Pentel's BL407|Do The Cupid Shuffle With Your Fingers

Pentel BL407 pen
Pentel BL407

A week or so ago I was gifted a bounty of Pentel products from Tiffany, one of our distribution reps.

Instead of hoarding them all away in my lateral file, I thought I would pay it forward to our followers and fans. The swag spans from today’s BL407 to an assortment of chalk markers and, well, other pens.

At first glance, you may think the BL407 is too much of a good thing or too flashy for you or that it was only engineered to coordinate with Robocop’s armored body, but when you get behind the driver’s seat you’ll soon realize it was made with you in mind and that it’s all that and a bag of chips with few cons.