Pentel's BL407|Do The Cupid Shuffle With Your Fingers

Pentel BL407

A week or so ago I was gifted a bounty of Pentel products from Tiffany, one of our distribution reps.

Instead of hoarding them all away in my lateral file, I thought I would pay it forward to our followers and fans. The swag spans from today’s BL407 to an assortment of chalk markers and, well, other pens.

At first glance, you may think the BL407 is too much of a good thing or too flashy for you or that it was only engineered to coordinate with Robocop’s armored body, but when you get behind the driver’s seat you’ll soon realize it was made with you in mind and that it’s all that and a bag of chips with few cons.

Below, I’ve jotted a few points while using this pen.

Now the weight is something to note. Upon hoisting it onto the paper it might as well write for itself, especially considering the blend of ink and gel effortlessly flowing from the 7 millimeter ball point. Due to its comfortable heft, while writing it requires almost no pressure on your part –and isn’t that what we’re all striving for?

Let’s talk about smoothness. Much like how I felt in the western bolo tie I sported that fearful dance night at Ed White Middle, we would be hard pressed to find anything smoother in the category of economical upscale writing pens. Expect fluid to flow from every consonant to every vowel you place on every piece of paper, including the occasional Will You Go To Prom With Me note–highlighting distinct crispness on the squares you draw that will fill out the Check Yes or No section.

The overall feel of this pen may be the only con. No, I’m not talking about the physical touch as much as I am about how it makes me feel emotionally. If I’m not careful I could elevate the ownership of this pen to a level of unhealthiness in that I may not care to lend it out or even sign for a FedEx package with concern of COVID germs spreading to it.

I notice that I keep it in my top drawer in a place all by itself and locked away, far from my other favorite pens exposed openly in the pencil cup on my desk.

Additionally, it makes me feel much more accomplished than I am. With it I should be a top exec in the middle of a 3-month all-inclusive vacation signing over huge checks to tip the waitstaff on their remarkable work ethic and customer service.

That brings us to giftability. Much like the corsage I purchased but was quickly hindered from giving this pen would truly be a bountiful gesture of goodwill to anyone at work or even a significant other–as long as that significant other gives you a moment to explain why it looks like you were ignoring them for two weeks.

Although we ended up not dancing together at all and the evening climaxed with me colliding with a mob of her girl friends in the hallway close to the bathrooms as they questioned my seemingly cold behavior towards her, the opposite will be true for your fingers and the BL407 as they cupid shuffle across the paper.

Pro: Super durable, nicely weighted and smooth.

Con: Keeps my head too far in the clouds.

Pentel's Product Info: EnerGel Alloy Retractable Gel Pen offers a deluxe premium metal barrel and an ideal blend of liquid and gel for the best of both inks. The stainless steel tip delivers the ultimate writing experience as rich liquid, gel ink glides across paper. Vivid, acid-free, super-smooth ink dries quickly without smearing or blotting and is great for left-handed writers. Sleek, balanced alloy barrel is ideal for maximum writing performance. The distinctive, textured grip area provides extended comfort while you write. Gel pen is retractable to protect pockets and purses and refillable with Pentel LR7 metal-tip refill or any size/color EnerGel refill.

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