Tips To Bring The Fall Feelings To Work

The breeze is a little more crisp.

Leaves begin their slow cascade.

The afternoon sun doesn't sting like it did a few weeks ago (and nor do the wasps.)

Fall has come, and we are all about the "Autumn feels" at Wilson's Office Supply. More accurately–we're all about bringing you the Autumn feels to your office. After all–who says you can't experience the Autumn season while your're working?


Here are a few of our tips that can help you capture Autumn at your office:

Capture The Smells

When you think of Fall, consider the aromas that remind you of cozy Autumn memories.

Perhaps as a kid you were coming in from playing on a blistery day and you recall the definitive aroma of your mother's pumpkin pie and apple cider patiently awaiting your arrival. Fragrances can totally transport you back in time! Candles, diffusers, wax warmers, and even air freshening sprays are a shoe-in to help bring back those memories once again. They a word...Fall-mazing.

Just don't put them in your mouth!


Embrace The Flavors

You don't have to live very long before you notice that we consider Autumn and deliciously hot drinks to go hand-in-hand. Mmm, I can almost taste it right now. Do yourself and your co-workers a flavor–I mean, favor–and brew up a tasty, Fall favorite in your break room coffeemaker to spark up all of those amazing Autumn feelings.

Got a big team? No problem. We suggest a large capacity brewer like this one (it brews 50 cups and is still small enough to fit in any nook.) And always make sure to have the coffee essentials to set the perfect Autumn mood–sturdy paper cups and lids with those signature sleeves we've come to love so we aren't burning our hands and ruining our Fall vibes! Unless black coffee is your thing, take our advice and grab some