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Want to see which products our customers love the most?

Here you will find just that - our top-10 heavy hitters. The 'Big Guns', if you will.  The products that nearly every one of our customers uses.

Lean-priced and extremely effective.





8.5 x 11 in. Multi-use Copy Paper

Our standard 'house' brand copy paper

wielding a weighty 10 packs per case and economically priced to conserve room in the rest of your budget.

Business Source Tape

They say if it's not broken, don't fix it.

- Agreed.

If it is broken, tape it.

Business Source Adhesive Notes

These 3x3 sticky pieces of paper are what busy, data-juggling offices' dreams are made of (if offices dreamt.)

Top-Tabbed Folders

The go-to filing system for the masses,

letter size style.





Business Source Paper Clips

These jumbo paper clips are what your stacks of contract bids and medical charts crave. They're like potato chips for your papers.

Fine Point Sharpie

Basically the black marker standard. Ideal for permanent, bold writing. (Not to be used on your next-door cubicle neighbor's forehead while he nods off during his lunch break.)

Binder Clips

These Business Source clips hold larger stacks of paper together extremely well. 

Perfect for the 'file later' mountain you've been building on your desk the past two weeks.


No judgement, it happens to us too.


When coupled with the standard stapler, these are a pretty decent stress reliever. 

Get calm, cool, and collected while you collate.


Smaller Binder Clips

Holds smaller mountains of paper together.


See how fun the office can be with your imagination?



Finally, many if not all of our customers say hello to these little mistake correctors. We're told to build success on a mountain of mistakes, so mistake away.

- Sign in the wrong place? Not a prob.

Dated the document incorrectly? Zap! Corrected.

- Final copy has a 't' where a 'y' should be? Boom. That 'y' is farther than the index finger should be made to stretch onto the keyboard, anyhow.

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